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Police arrest teenager accused of sexually abusing 10-year-old girl in Bogor - Coconuts

Police arrest teenager accused of sexually abusing 10-year-old girl in Bogor - Coconuts

Police in Bogor regency arrested a 17-year-old male who goes by the initials RN over suspicion that he sexually abused a 10-year-old girl.

According to the police, on August 28, RN, who was driving his motorcycle, picked up the victim from the side of the road.

“At around 9am, the culprit met with the victim on the road and asked her for directions. He asked her to hop on and take him there, but he took the victim to Gunung Putri [subdistrict] instead,” Bogor Regency Police Chief Andi Moch Dicky told reporters today, as quoted by Detik.

Dicky added that RN allegedly sexually abused the victim in an abandoned house.

“He forced the victim to perform oral sex on him and threatened to kill her if she refused. After that, the culprit shoved his pointer finger into the victim’s genitalia until she bled. After he was done, the victim managed to escape and ran to a nearby security guard post,” he said.

Police, with the help of locals, managed to identify RN as the young girl’s abductor after he was caught by CCTV cameras picking up the victim. RN was eventually arrested yesterday in a nearby district in Bekasi. 

RN was charged with sexual assault under Indonesia’s Child Protection Law. If convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison. There is so far no indication that RN had any history of sexually abusing minors.

In 2016, Indonesia introduced chemical castration as a possible punishment for child molestation. Recently, a man convicted of raping nine girls became the first to be sentenced with chemical castration, but authorities still have no means to carry out the controversial punishment.

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