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Prohibition of Alcohol in Tangerang and Bogor - Industry Reporter

Prohibition of Alcohol in Tangerang and Bogor - Industry Reporter

Several regions inland have tightened the circulation of alcohol in several areas by issue regional rules that offer larger authority to the protection forces to clamp down on the storage and production of liquor.

Two regions, particularly Tangerang and Bogor, satellite cities of the capital of Indonesia, have already got regional rules (Perda) regarding the distribution of alcohol. In Bogor Regency, the regulation is listed in Perda no. 4/2015 regarding public order. “Article seventeen letter Estates that each person or entity is precluded from storing, producing, and distributing alcoholic drinks while not permission from the authorized official. therefore if there’s a allow, it is okay,” Budi, as mentioned above, Surono, a member of the Bogor District Public Order Agency (Satpol PP).

Budi aforementioned that his team features a mechanism in each action, like inquiring for a allow letter from the vendor and confirming it with the connected agency. “We typically clamp down on stalls. whereas clubs and discotheques typically have permission,” Budi aforementioned.

In Bogor town, rules concerning the circulation of alcoholic drinks square measure listed in politician Regulation no. 74/2015. The regulation permits hotels, restaurants, and bars to sell alcoholic beverages. However, bearing on the politician Regulation no. 70/2016, there square measure additional rules together with that alcohol consumers should be a minimum of twenty-one years previous associate degreed show identification once shopping. Also, the gap in the placement of the sale of alcohol might not be on the point of terminals, schools, sports facilities, hospitals, and parks.

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