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Bogor Preps 2 Local Coronavirus Lockdown Scenarios - English

Bogor Preps 2 Local Coronavirus Lockdown Scenarios - English

TEMPO.CO, JakartaBogor city administration was preparing two lockdown scenarios as an anticipatory measure if Jakarta decides to enforce local isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Bogor Deputy Mayor Dedie A Rachim explained the plans during a coordination meeting with Mayor Ade Yasin and the city’s COVID-19 Crisis Center team at the center post on Sunday, March 29.

For the first scenario, the city administration will close five roads in the central city, while the second one is the total isolation by closing nine accesses to the city.

“Because of many residents of Bogor and surrounding areas who work in Jakarta, Bogor will implement programs that are in line with Jakarta,” Dedie remarked, adding that if the capital plans to go on lockdown, Bogor city must be getting ready as well.

He went on to say that his side was coordinating with West Java Governor in light of the lockdown scenario. The governor will then talk to Jakarta Governor to adjust such a program with the capital’s supporting regions in West Java. The Bogor administration was discussing the plan with Bogor Regency, too, Dedie added.

Bogor Regent Ade Yasin added that they discussed future possibilities to tackle the spread of the coronavirus in the regions, underlining that what is happening in Bogor City may affect Bogor Regency and vice versa. “That’s why we need to maintain the coordination,” Ade said.


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