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Infant in Bogor Becomes Indonesia's Youngest Covid-19 Patient - Jakarta Globe

Infant in Bogor Becomes Indonesia's Youngest Covid-19 Patient - Jakarta Globe

Bogor, West Java. A three-month-old baby boy in Bogor, West Java, has tested positive for coronavirus to become the youngest known Covid-19 patient in Indonesia, a local health official said on Wednesday.

The baby was admitted to Husada Hospital for persistent fever around two weeks ago and doctors took a specimen for a swab test. 

As a precaution, the baby was treated at the hospital for a full fortnight, which experts believe was the maximum incubation period for the virus. 

"The baby's clinical symptoms, the fever and persistent coughing, had eased at the end of the incubation period, so he was discharged from the hospital,” Bogor's Covid-19 task force spokesperson Syarifah Sopiah said.

But shortly after that, the result from the swab test came back positive, which prompted a second swab test. The baby was again placed under isolation at the same hospital, she said.

It was not immediately known how the baby contracted the virus. Medical officials are currently conducting rapid tests on his parents, close relatives and people in the neighborhood, she said.

The government has not reported infections among children in its daily Covid-19 updates before the case in Bogor.

While adults make up an overwhelming majority of the global cases, children and infants are prone to the infection too, health experts have suggested.

But there is no scientific finding yet to suggest that an infant can catch the disease in the womb. 

According to the latest figure, Indonesia now has 2,738 confirmed Covid-19 cases with 221 deaths.

Daily new cases have been increasing by 200 or more in recent days as more tests are conducted across the country.

Bogor, one of the satellite cities in Greater Jakarta, has 23 confirmed cases and three fatalities as of Tuesday.

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