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Bogor Mayor Takes a Stand Against Tobacco Industry - English

Bogor Mayor Takes a Stand Against Tobacco Industry - English

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Bogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto has taken a firm stand against the national tobacco industry by denying cigarette products from being marketed in the West Java's city. 

During a virtual discussion about the government’s commitment to ban cigarette ads on Wednesday, Bima Arya asserted that the Bogor City administration is committed to protecting its future generation from the health hazards brought by smoking. 

“Don’t try us, Inshallah (God permitting), all of you will not be able to enter Bogor City,” said Bima Arya on October 7.

Bima Arya underlined the importance of staying committed in the city's tobacco-control programs and that it is shared with regional leaders as a collective political commitment. Regional administrations must regulate themselves in establishing smoking-free areas and control the marketing of tobacco corporations. 

More importantly, he said, the implemented regulation must be closely monitored especially regarding the age demographic that is permitted to purchase tobacco products.

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