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Bogor Remain as COVID-19 Red Zone as New Cases Surge by 15% - English

Bogor Remain as COVID-19 Red Zone as New Cases Surge by 15% - English

TEMPO.CO, JakartaBogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto confirmed that his city remained at a high risk of COVID-19 transmission or classified as a red zone this week given the 15-percent hike in the number of patients confirmed positive.

According to him, the positive cases increased by 179 last week, or 15 percent compared to the previous week.

As of Monday, October 5, 2020, Bogor City recorded 1,387 cases. A total of 941 patients have made recovery, while 51 patients died. At present, 395 patients were still being treated.

Bima said things that must be explored was the percentage of cases in each infection cluster. Based on daily data of the regional virus mitigation task force, the majority of cases came from the family cluster.

“Of the 179 new cases, 118 of them were from the family cluster,” he added.

Additionally, 32 percent of patients from the family cluster was transmitted from the office. “So, the positive cases in this family cluster are those from the office cluster,” Bima opined.

As many as 29 percent of other positive cases originated from health facilities, 19 percent from clusters outside the city and Jakarta, seven percent from local or residential transmissions, six percent from restaurants or mini markets, four percent from family events, and three percent from transportation.

“That means, the most dangerous is office clusters,” Bima remarked.

According to Bima Arya, the office sector has a high risk of COVID-19 transmission considering employees were in one closed room together from morning until evening. “During that long period, there likely will be people who take off their masks,” he said.

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