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Bogor City's daily COVID-19 cases on Tuesday peak at 120 - ANTARA English

Bogor City's daily COVID-19 cases on Tuesday peak at 120 - ANTARA English

Bogor, W Java (ANTARA) - Bogor City in West Java reported the highest daily count of COVID-19 cases at 120 on Tuesday, according to the local health office's data.

With the addition of 120 cases, the number of COVID-19 cases climbed to 6,936 on Wednesday.

The increase in daily fresh cases was far higher than that of the previous days when the figure averaged at 100.

The health office noted that the number of fresh cases rose by 90 on Monday (Jan 18), 85 on Sunday (Jan 17), and 86 on Saturday (Jan 16).

Chief of the Bogor City Health Office Sri Nowo Retno stated that the daily cases of COVID-19 hit an all-time city high of 120 on Tuesday.

The data indicated that 5,515 of the 6,936 patients recovered from COVID-19, while 120 succumbed to the infection. The number of active cases currently stands at 1,275.

The data also showed the number of beds available for COVID-19 patients currently reaching 919 comprising 782 beds at hospitals, 100 beds at the COVID-19 isolation center, and 37 beds at field hospitals.
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Bogor Immigration Use e-Arrival Card App to Monitor Tourists - English

Bogor Immigration Use e-Arrival Card App to Monitor Tourists - English

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Bogor Class 1 Immigration office on Tuesday reported that it relies on the IDN e-arrival card app to better monitor the mobility of foreign nationals (WNA) in Indonesia. This app is mainly meant to easily trackdown the traffic and activities of foreign tourists.

Head of the Bogor immigrations office Surjono said that the app is the office’s new strategy to police foreign nationals in the West Java province. 

The e-arrival card is the project initiated by the West Java’s law and human rights branch office head, Dodi Heru Tjondro back in 2020. 

People coming in from different countries are required to fill the IDN e-arrival card, which is available in Google’s Playstore, before continuing their journey on Indonesian soil which has complete real time personal data of the visitors throughout their stay in Indonesia.

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All Districts in Bogor Regent in Covid-19 Red Zone - English

All Districts in Bogor Regent in Covid-19 Red Zone - English

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Covid-19 Mitigation Task Force of Bogor Regency, West Java, declared all of its districts as red zones or areas with a high risk of coronavirus transmission.

"All districts are in the red zone. So, obey the health protocols, maintain a healthy lifestyle," said Bogor Regent Ade Yasin in a written statement in Cibinong, Tuesday, Jan. 19.

Since Jan. 16, two districts namely Rumpin and Tenjo have entered the red zone as more residents of the two regions have been confirmed positive for the disease.

Bogor Regency recorded a surge in cases for the last three days, reaching 97 new infections per day. While in 2020, the daily increase was only 30 to 50 cases.

As of Monday evening, Jan. 18, the regional task force recorded 6,753 positive cases with 5,773 recoveries and 79 fatalities. There were also 895 active cases in isolation.

However, the regional task force spokesman Irwan Purnawan said the national Covid-19 mitigation task force still noted Bogor Regency as an orange zone.

"[The national task force] uses a different methodology. We set a red zone based on the number of active cases, while the national task force set it based on many factors, including the population ratio," said Irwan, who is also the Head of Communication and Informatics Agency of Bogor Regency.

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Flash Flood in Cisarua Bogor Caused by Heavy Downpour: BNPB - English

Flash Flood in Cisarua Bogor Caused by Heavy Downpour: BNPB - English

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) confirmed that at least 900 people were affected by flash floods in Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, which occurred at 10:00 today, Jan. 19. The agency said it was triggered by a heavy downpour.

"The flooding was caused by high-intensity rain followed by landslides from mountain areas," said the BNPB Head of Disaster Data, Information, and Communication Center, Raditya Jati.

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) forecasted that a medium to high intensity of rain would shower Bogor City and its surrounding regions in the next three days. "BNPB appeals to the public to stay vigilant in facing the rainy season that will last until February 2021," said Raditya.

He added that according to the Bogor Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) report, residents were evacuated to their relatives’ houses and evacuation posts at Wisma PTPN 8 Gunung Mas.

The Bogor BPBD is still calculating the material losses. “The condition is not safe yet. Flooding still occurs at 12:05,” said  Raditya, adding that the BPBD is carrying out quick assessment and collaborating with related institutions to evacuate and contain the flash flood.


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Indonesia plane crash: authorities locate black boxes among wreckage - The Guardian

Indonesia plane crash: authorities locate black boxes among wreckage - The Guardian

Indonesian authorities have located the black boxes of the Sriwijaya Air jet that crashed into the sea soon after taking off from the capital Jakarta, as human body parts and suspected pieces of the plane were retrieved.

The Boeing 737-500 with 62 passengers and crew was heading to Pontianak in West Kalimantan on Saturday when it disappeared from radar screens four minutes after takeoff.

It is the first major air crash in Indonesia since 189 passengers and crew were killed in 2018 when a Lion Air Boeing 737 Max also plunged into the Java Sea soon after takeoff from Soekarno-Hatta international airport.

Even before the latest crash, more people had died in air crashes in Indonesia than in any other country over the past decade, according to Aviation Safety Network’s database.

Indonesia’s national transport safety committee chief, Soerjanto Tjahjono, said the locations of flight SJ182’s two black boxes had been identified.

“Hopefully we can retrieve them soon,” said the military chief, Hadi Tjahjanto, without giving an estimated timeframe.

flight path map

Rescuers brought pieces of wreckage to Jakarta port. Authorities said they came from a depth of 23 metres (75ft) near a group of islands off the Jakarta coast. One twisted piece of metal was painted in Sriwijaya Air’s blue and red colours. Indonesian authorities said they had also retrieved body parts and clothing.

Police asked families to provide information such as dental records and DNA samples to help identify bodies.

The plane had 12 crew and 50 passengers onboard, including seven children and three babies, all of them Indonesian.

President Joko Widodo expressed “deep condolences” over the disaster and urged the public to pray the missing people could be found.

The tracking service Flightradar24 said the aircraft took off at 2.36pm local time (0736 GMT) and climbed to reach 10,900ft within four minutes. It then began a steep descent and stopped transmitting data 21 seconds later.

There were no immediate clues on what caused the jet’s sudden descent. Most air accidents are caused by a range of factors that can take months to establish, safety experts say.

A transport ministry spokeswoman said air traffic control had asked the pilot why the plane was heading north-west instead of on its expected flight path seconds before it disappeared.

The pilots had decades of experience between them. The captain was reported to be a former air force pilot and his co-pilot had been at Sriwijaya Air since 2013, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The plane was nearly 27 years old, much older than Boeing’s 737 Max model, which has been plagued with problems. Older 737 models are widely flown and do not have the stall-prevention system implicated in the Max safety crisis.

“We are in contact with our airline customer and stand ready to support them during this difficult time,” Boeing said in a statement. “Our thoughts are with the crew, passengers, and their families.”

Distraught relatives waited in Pontianak, which is about 460 miles (740km) from Jakarta, for news of their loved ones. A crisis centre was set up for families at Jakarta’s main airport.

“We feel powerless, we can only wait and hope to get any information soon,” Irfansyah Riyanto, who had five relatives on the flight, told reporters.

Founded in 2003, Jakarta-based Sriwijaya Air flies largely within Indonesia’s sprawling archipelago. The budget airline has had a solid safety record, with no onboard casualties in four incidents recorded on the Aviation Safety Network database.

The EU banned all Indonesian airlines in 2007 after a series of crashes and reports of deteriorating oversight and maintenance since deregulation in the late 1990s. The restrictions were lifted in 2018.

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Trump Targets Asian Tire Imports in Final Month - Voice of America

Trump Targets Asian Tire Imports in Final Month - Voice of America

TAIPEI - An initial U.S. decision to place special import duties on automobile tires made in four Asian manufacturing hubs will jolt domestic industries while reinforcing President Donald Trump's tough foreign trade stance in his final days in office, analysts say.   

The U.S. Department of Commerce said December 30 it had made “preliminary determinations” to levy duties on tires made for passenger vehicles and light trucks. Duties would affect exporters in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam if the decision becomes final May 14 after a follow-up investigation, the department said on its website.   

“Impacts from this matter are really, really big for Taiwan,” said Danny Ho, chief executive of the Taiwanese petrochemical consulting firm DMI.   

In trade terms, dumping refers to the practice by countries or manufacturers of pricing goods entering a foreign market to less than that paid by domestic customers in the source country. U.S. Commerce department officials tentatively found that exporters have “dumped” tires in the United States, the website says.   

The findings answer a petition from the United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union.   

Thailand most impacted 

 Thailand stands to be impacted because of its unusually large tire-making industry. U.S.-bound imports from the auto manufacturing sector led by American and Japanese investors were worth $1.96 billion in 2019, the U.S. commerce department says. 

The automotive industry is one of Thailand’s five biggest employers and generates up to 2 million cars per year, said Richard Doner, retired political science professor at Emory University in the United States.   

The duties “might severely impact that industry,” Doner said, though most finished goods are not shipped to the United States. “It’s not like Thailand relies totally on the United States, but it’s probably important and given the significance of the automotive industry for Thailand, it’s probably a big deal," he said.  

Cheng Shin Tyre and Nankang Tyre, are Taiwan’s chief tire suppliers overseas, said Liang Kuo-yuan, president of the Polaris Research Institute, a policy group in Taipei. He estimated that Nankang gets 37% of revenues from U.S.-bound exports and fears high duty exposure because its factories are concentrated in Taiwan rather than in offshore locations that could avoid the tariffs.   

Nankang did not answer a request for comment.   

Taiwanese tire exporters may have deliberately lowered prices for the U.S. market to compensate for the lack of any low-tariff incentives from Washington, Ho said. Exporter peer South Korea entered into a free trade deal with the United States in 2012.   

“The conclusion is that there’s no immediate impact, but from the Taiwanese perspective, if they’re found to have committed dumping activities, then it’s disadvantageous to all kinds of Taiwanese businesses that are returning onshore,” Liang said.   

Vietnamese producers and American business people in the country oppose U.S. duties, said Nguyen Thanh Trung, Center for International Studies director at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City.   

“They are not satisfied with what the department is targeting in the tire making industry in Vietnam,” said Nguyen, who has spoken with some of the opponents. “They think ‘I have worked for these companies for long (periods) and I know how legitimate they are and how good they are, so it’s not rational to impose high tariffs on the industry.’” 

South Korea’s tire imports to the United States reached $1.17 billion in 2019, followed by Vietnam at $469.6 million and Taiwan at $373 million, the commerce department says.   

Trump’s legacy 

“Strict enforcement” of U.S. trade law marked a “primary focus” of the Trump administration, the Commerce Department website said last week. During his term, the department has opened 306 new anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations, a 278% increase over a "comparable period" of former President Barack Obama’s term.   

Trump over the past four years withdrew the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico as well as from a now 11-nation Pacific Rim free trade region. Trump’s broader trade policy is “definitely” steering the proposal to impose tire duties, Ho said.   

President-elect Joe Biden might turn the tire duty decision around, Nguyen said. Biden is due to take office January 20. 


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Bogor City Prepares Covid-19 Field Hospital in Fear of Case Spike - English

Bogor City Prepares Covid-19 Field Hospital in Fear of Case Spike - English

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Bogor City Administration in West Java is currently preparing to transform the local GOR Pajajaran youth and sports complex into a Covid-19 field hospital (RSL) that is scheduled to be operable this month. 

Bogor City general hospital president director Ilham Chaidir said that it has worked along with the health agency upon adding the inpatient treatment facilities for Covid-19 patients and that it is 50 percent completed. 

The main reason behind the establishment of this field hospital is to anticipate the spike in the number of people treated for coronavirus infection as Bogor City has a limited amount of beds available.

“The RSL at the GOR Pajajaran can add at least 70 hospital beds,” said Ilham Chaidir today.

Apart from preparing the physical aspect of the facility, the local administration is also rushing to manpower that will be stationed there. Bogor City general hospital currently has 120 available beds with additional 30 to bump up the total to 150. 

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