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Bogor Opts for Odd-Even Policy over Lockdown in Fight against COVID-19 - English

Bogor Opts for Odd-Even Policy over Lockdown in Fight against COVID-19 - English

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Bogor City Government is set to impose the odd-even policy on all vehicles as an effort to curb rising COVID-19 cases in the region.

Bogor Deputy Mayor Dedie A. Rachim said the new policy was more ideal to be implemented than a regional quarantine or lockdown. “So we can control the pandemic while keeping the people's economy running,” Dedie told Tempo on Friday, February 5.

He reiterated that lockdown would not necessarily suppress the virus infection since the public compliance with the predetermined health protocols remained low. 

“We are focusing to enforce PPKM (community activity restrictions) and strengthen 3M (the health protocols) and 3T (testing, tracing, treatment), as well as optimizing micro-scale PPKM at RT and RW (the neighborhood and community units),” Dedie explained.

The combination of PPKM and the odd-even policy, he argued, was expected to foster public discipline so that the mobility could be controlled. However, the policy is exempted for those working in public services or essential sectors, such as the economy.

“Online taxis, freight vehicles, or cars transporting food to markets are not prohibited. They are allowed to run by showing evidence to officers stationed at the posts,” Dedie added.

The blockages will be carried out at six entry points of Bogor. Bogor City Police Chief Sr. Comr. Susatyo Purnomo Condro said his side would deploy 17 joint officers from the police, military, the transportation agency, and the Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) at each post.

“I emphasize that this is not an odd-even traffic policy, so there is no ticketing but rather sanctions of the health protocols,” said Susatyo.

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