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'I hate women': Bogor man arrested in gruesome killing spree - Coconuts Jakarta

'I hate women': Bogor man arrested in gruesome killing spree - Coconuts Jakarta

A 21-year-old man was arrested this week for allegedly killing two women in the span of two weeks, with the suspect confessing to his hatred of women after his arrest.

Though the suspect has been accused of killing two people, the police have described the gruesome murders as the work of a serial killer. 

“This can be described as [the work of] a serial killer, not only did he do it in two weeks, but the suspect again committed the murder [after the first one] and indicated that he enjoyed the deaths of the two victims,” Susatyo Purnomo Condro, Chief of the Bogor City Policy, said yesterday. 

The suspect, identified as MRI, allegedly killed both victims by choking them. The first victim ⁠— a 17-year-old girl ⁠— was found late last month in front of a shop in Bogor city with her feet tied and her body stuffed into a large trash bag. Meanwhile, the second victim ⁠— a 25-year-old woman ⁠— was found in Puncak, Bogor regency, on Wednesday with her body stuffed into a trash bag, which was then stuffed into an outdoor backpack.

Susatyo said that MRI became acquainted with his victims through social media, and at least one of the victims agreed to go on a date with him through an “open booking online” service common among online sex workers. Additionally, police reportedly found the presence of semen when examining the second victim. 

“[Both times he used] the same approach, the suspect would get to know them through social media, and then they meet under the guise of money to a lodging, and then after their date he would kill the victim by choking and then take away their belongings,” Susatyo said.

Meanwhile, a video that has circulated online showed MRI confessing that he “hated women.” 

Susatyo said that MRI will undergo a psychological evaluation and has been charged with violation of multiple articles, including one on premeditated murder that could see him serve a lifetime in prison.

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